About Us

“We are MMTW, an agricultural product trading and processing company located in Magway, Myanmar’s central dry zone. With over 28 years of experience in agricultural products trading, we have established ourselves as a reputable company. In 2015, we achieved a premium market for high-quality crops, particularly those cultivated with the Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) system, through partnerships with farmers’ groups.

In 2018, we founded MMTW Magway Company to expand our operations in purchasing and distributing agricultural commodity in the domestic and international markets. We prioritize honesty, fairness, transparency, accuracy, and impartiality in all our trading activities

When trading with farmer groups, we provide equal value services based on specified standards of crop quality, regardless of factors such as worth ranking, age or gender. Through our collaboration, farmers gain improved capacity, innovative ideas, and the opportunity to share the benefits of our business activities. We also provide financial support to the farmers’ groups, reinforcing their growth and development.

We utilize advanced machinery to produce high-quality finished goods. Additionally, we strictly adhere to cleaning processes and maintain proper separation between raw materials and finished products. Our commitment is to consistently meet genuine quality and accuracy standards, ensuring customer satisfaction by understanding and fulfilling their expectations and needs. Moreover, we hold ourselves accountable for the quality of our services and products.

Our Vision

To become a leading company in oil seeds and pulses sector by practicing inclusive business model

Our Mission

To promote production of high-quality oil seeds and pulses in domestic and export markets by ensuring availability of extension and business services to the farmers.

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